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Hassan Radwan

Publisher Kube Publishing Ltd
ISBN Code ISBN13: 9780860373957
ISBN10: 0860373959
Written Language English
First Publish Date 31-01-2010
Available Translation


Comments This series for ages 7 and up relates a heroic account of the adventurous experiences of a young schoolboy named Rashid and his friends living in London. The stories captivate the essence of school and community life and the brave, courageous spirit of the young. It also brings into play life-enriching Islamic values of standing up for the truth, a strong sense of duty and bond of sincere friendship. The stories throw a light on Muslim family life, their morals, manners and outlook on life. This series, designed for the young, caters fully to their appetite for the strange, evokes their curiousity and ennobles their emotions.

In Rashid and the Missing Body:

After Rashid and his school friends Gary and Chris discover a dead body, it suddenly goes missing. When no one believes them, the boys decide to solve the mystery themselves in a story of courage, friendship, and standing up for justice.
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