YILDIZ turkish restaurant ユルディズ トルコレストラン - Otaku - Tokyo


住所: 〒144-0052 東京都大田区蒲田5丁目18−3 No.1太陽ビル 1F
Address: 5-18-3 Kamata , Ota-ku, Tokyo No1 Taiyo Building 201

 Contact Information:

Name YILDIZ turkish restaurant ユルディズ トルコレストラン
Address Prefecture: Tokyo
City: Otaku
Contact Tel/Mob: 03-6424-9797
Web Site:
Business Time Opening Hours: 
Close Day: 
Reservation Required?: 
Available Payment VISA, MASTER, AMEX, JCB, PayPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay
Delivery Service
Access (Nearest Station)
Additional Note

 Menu & Facility:

Car Parking
Menu Lunch: 
Web Site: 
Best Among Best
Others Pray Room: 
Ablution Place: 
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We love to hear from you and may Allah accept all of our prayers and grant JANNAH!

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