Fukuoka International Islamic School - Fukuoka


住所: 〒819-1314, 福岡道糸しまもろよし728-1
Address: 728-1 Shimamoroyoshi, Itoshima, Fukuoka 819-1314

 Contact Information:


Prefecture: Fukuoka
City: Itoshima


Tel/Mob: 070-4469-5901, 
Email: info@fukuoka-schools.com
Web Site: https://fukuoka-schools.com

Contact Person  Mr. Khaled El-Kilany - School Principal
Access (Nearest station)

Chikuzen-Maebaru Sta. (About 20 min by Hatsu Bus)

Education Program 


Primary School
Summer School

Establish On/ Organization
Special Notes School office hours
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Families who have real financial difficulties can apply for a partial or total exemption from one/all of these expenses, the school will arrange for a donor to cover these expenses from the zakat funds, while ensuring that the family’s privacy is preserved.

If a student demonstrates exceptional abilities such as memorizing 15 or more parts of the Qur’an, excelling in sports, mathematics, or science, they will be eligible for a 25% waiver on tuition and enrollment fees. To qualify for this exemption, the student must provide relevant documentation or take the necessary tests.

If you need to apply for scholarships; please contact the administration

Phone: (092)3328- 076           Mobile:  070-4469-5901         Fax: (092)3328-096

E-mail: information@ito-kai.com

**The above information is collected through an online survey. Please contact us if there is an update or wrong information.

We love to hear from you and may Allah accept all of our prayers and grant JANNAH!

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