Saitama University Masjid - Sakura - Saitama


Saitama Muslim Cultural Association (SMCA)
住所: 560-8, Okubo-ryoke, Sakura-ku, 桜区 さいたま市 埼玉県 338-0826
Address: 560-8, Okubo-ryoke, Sakura-ku, Sakura Ward, Saitama, 338-0826

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Prefecture: Saitama
City: Sakura


Tel/Mob: +817044460334
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Car Parking
Woman Pray Room
Ablution Place
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Women Education:
Converting Muslim Education:

New Muslim Certificate:
Marriage Certificate:
Burial Certificate:

**The above information is collected through an online survey. Please contact us if there is an update or wrong information.

We love to hear from you and may Allah accept all of our prayers and grant JANNAH!

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